How to Treat Lawn Insects


Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn requires a certain amount of diligence and know-how when it comes to diseases and insect control. Choosing between chemical and organic insect control methods is up to each individual. However, it can be said that most insects and insect infestations can be treated in a "green" manner, which benefits your lawn, your pets and other family members.

Step 1

Regularly inspect your lawn for signs of insects or infestations. Common insects found in lawns include ants and a variety of worms, including wireworms, cutworms and caterpillars. Earwigs and flea beetles are also common. Try organic or natural methods of control before resorting to chemical sprays and products. Treat and kill ants with a mixture of equal parts of borax and powdered sugar. Sprinkle the mixture around anthills and trails for effective results.

Step 2

Inspect the dirt in areas of your lawn, watching for worms, grubs or caterpillars. Simply remove them to another location or drop them into a small jar of kerosene to destroy them. Earwigs and slugs may also be found in damp lawns. If possible, fill a deep saucer or dish with beer and nestle in various areas of the lawn, at ground level. The beer will attract slugs and they will crawl in and drown.

Step 3

Plant ground cover plants on the outside edge of a lawn to attract beetles and worms and keep them out of your lawn. Earwigs like dark cozy places. Place several small flowerpots filled with dried grass, hay or straw upside down in your lawn, which will attract many insects. Leave the pots for about a week, then gather the pots, dispose of the old grass, hay or straw, along with insects. Repeat as necessary.

Step 4

Encourage natural predators to keep insects at bay. Planting shrubs and flowers around the lawn will attract birds, ladybugs and beetles, which will feast on insects that can harm your lawn. Ladybugs can be purchased by the bagful in most garden or nursery centers, and birds can be attracted by a bird bath or bird food blocks.


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