How to Winterize Money Plant


Money plants get their name from their seeds, which resemble silver coins. In many Asian cultures, money plants symbolize good luck and fortune. Also known as honesty or satin flower, these plants often have braided trunks and grow well indoors. Originally from the Solomon Islands in Asia, these plants cannot survive winters with average temperatures that reach below 50 degrees F. It only takes a few simple steps to winterize your money plant.

Step 1

Bring your plant indoors. If your money plant is potted, bring it inside and set it by a window with plenty of indirect sunlight. They will also do well on an enclosed porch where temperatures are often higher than the outdoors.

Step 2

Cover the plant with fleece. Wrap the branches and base with blankets or plant fleece for insulation. You can also wrap the entire plant in plastic for another protective layer.

Step 3

Bury the pot below ground. If your money plant is too big to bring inside, but it is still potted, bury the pot below ground to help insulate the roots. Bury it near a corner or wall where the plant will be protected from high winds.

Step 4

Water your plant. Money plants need infrequent watering during winter, but should still get a good dose of water every few weeks.

Step 5

Keep clippings. Clip a few small branches from your tree and root them in water. This will provide a back-up plant in case your money tree doesn't make it.

Things You'll Need

  • Blankets
  • Scissors
  • Plastic


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