Unique Floral Container Ideas

Containers create bold and colorful additions to porches, pathways, and gardens. They come in a variety of colors and designs to create a unique and dramatic statement. Use them to plant perennials, which pop up every year, for a lasting design. Herbs and flowers mixed together can permeate your space with a sweet scent. Attract butterflies and other insects by filling containers with their favorite flowers and plants. Use them to line a path in your garden and enjoy who comes up to drink the plants' nectar.


Design a colorful container to attract butterflies. Butterflies love daisy-type blooms and flowers with small clusters. They also love bright colors, but especially purple flowers. In the container plant cosmos and dahlias to create height. Both plants have colorful blooms and will create a bold and dramatic container. In the front of the container, add sweet alyssum which is a low-growing flower that will creep around the base of the pot to fill out the container. Plop these containers in your garden or along a pathway.


Typically roses are planted in the ground, by why not use a large container to plant this sweetly scented plant? Plant a pink rose bush in a large black container to contrast with the pink petals and create a bold focal point. For accents to the pink, add lavender plants in the front of the container, which will also add a mix of sweet and relaxing scents. Nestle the container up against a wall on a deck or porch to have a spot to train the rose bushes to grow on. Roses require full sun, so make sure they have at least four hours of sun for proper growth.


Plant boxwood topiaries in beautiful containers to create a dramatic statement to your home. Place them on either side of your front door or along your walkway for an inviting design. Square containers contrast with the circular spiral of a boxwood, and can be used in corners and oddly shaped spaces. In addition to the boxwood, add creeping vines around the base of the plant. Creeping thyme and phlox will spill out of the container and fill in the base of the plant while creating a lush design.

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