How to Plant Bananas


Banana plants are one of the largest herbaceous perennial that belongs to the Musaceae family. Bananas are grown from stems, or rhizomes, and are propagated through the shoots that the roots send through the soil. You should be able to purchase banana rhizomes at your local nursery or online. The banana plant needs a lot of moisture, sunlight and slightly-acidic soil for the best growth. Maintain the soil with organic material, kelp mean or green sand to help preserve the high mineral requirements.

Step 1

Dig a hole in your garden that is 12 inches deep and 1 foot wide. Place the rhizome in the hole so that the shoots coming from the stem are at least 6 inches deep.

Step 2

Cover the hole and pack the soil down tightly to remove any air pockets. Space the holes at least 10 feet apart if you are planting more than one banana rhizome.

Step 3

Water the plant with 1/2 cup of water after covering the rhizome with soil. Continue watering three to four times a week, or whenever the soil is dry. It's especially important not to over-water the plant during the first few weeks of growth; only water to moisten the soil at least 1 inch deep when needed.

Step 4

Spread at least a 2 inches of organic material around the growing roots a week after planting. Use kitchen scrap, manure, grassing clippings, dead leaves or compost.

Step 5

Remove the shoots that grow after two weeks, when the banana plant is at least three-quarters grown. Trim off the shoots using a sharp knife or gardening shears. Only leave one shoot on the plant, which will become the main stem once the bananas begin to bloom.

Things You'll Need

  • Organic material
  • Knife


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