Garden Design Ideas

Gardens are a beautiful addition to an outdoor landscape that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Adding focal points in your garden creates a dramatic effect. Using plants and flowers in containers and along a stone path creates an inviting space to enjoy all year round. Adding in delicious vegetables to your garden will produce yummy recipes throughout the summer and into the fall.


Install a pergola to define the garden space without constraining your yard. It is an inviting structure that can create the perfect outdoor space for dining under or to define a pathway or entryway to another spot in the garden. Standing around 8 feet, the pergola is a square structure with an open ceiling. Add a creeping vine such as wisteria or a grapevine to provide color and shade in your garden. Plant the climbing plant in a container at the base of the structure, and over time it will grow around the structure, creating a lush and inviting space.

Edible Garden

Create a small spot in your garden for raising your favorite vegetables. Plant squash and zucchini for making soups and breads. Sweet pea vines will add height to the back of the garden while producing delicious veggies. Edible gardens add color and charm to an existing garden. Place the vegetables in between a set of blooming bushes or beautiful flowers. Use containers for growing tomatoes and cucumbers, which will spill out of the pots and meaner into the garden space. For an added design, scatter solar lights in your edible garden for a magical glow at night.

Garden Path

Using brick, create a path through the garden. Lay the bricks at least 3 feet wide for a large enough strolling path. Lay them in a design to create a unique path throughout the garden. Use the curve of the garden when laying out the brick. Let surrounding space guide you to a natural and beautiful creation. Add blue star creeper, a beautiful ground cover, in between the stones or along the border for a contrasting and colorful addition to the red brick. Over time, the ground cover will creep along the edges and into the brick for a lush and inviting landscape.


To create a border in your garden, add tall flowers around the garden or front walk. Create a backdrop for small plants or for a stone pathway in your garden. Tall plants such as phlox and purple coneflowers fill out the space and create a beautiful border. Their height--mixed with bushy blooms--will increase each year, giving the border a new look over time. Prune the flowers back in the late spring and early fall to enhance the look of the plant for the following year and to free up nutrients.

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