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Azalea plants vary in many different aspects. Some azalea flowers have broad leaves while others are thin. Some azalea species have 5 petals while others have 12. No matter the differences in azalea plant characteristics, they do have a lot in common. Azaleas are relatively pest free and easy to grow. Depending on the species, some grow in colder climates, while others require warmer locations. However, the blooms of all azaleas typically last for about one to two weeks.

Step 1

Grow your azaleas in partially shady locations. Ensure your azaleas are only exposed to direct sun for 4 hours each day. Azaleas can grow in sunshine, but the blooms will not last as long.

Step 2

Ensure your azaleas flourish by locating them under pine, oak or holly trees where the soil is more acidic.

Step 3

Cover the roots of your azaleas with an inch of mulch created with pine bark or wood chips to prevent moisture loss and weeds. Also pile mulch between each plant to about 3 inches deep.

Step 4

Prune dead wood or non-flowering shoots any time. Do major pruning right after the flowers bloom to avoid cutting off the next season's buds.

Step 5

Soak the ground around your azaleas once a week rather than a daily sprinkling. The amount of water needed depends on the time of year and the climate but generally an inch per week is sufficient.

Tips and Warnings

  • Azaleas typically do not require fertilizer, especially once they are established. If you do fertilize younger azaleas, never fertilize after July 1st. For best results, fertilize in late winter or early spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden gloves
  • Garden shovel
  • Mulch


  • Azalea Society of America

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