How to Plant Anaheim Peppers

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Anaheim peppers are popular in many southwestern dishes. With a scoville score of 500 -- 2,500 heat units, they are just spicy enough to be interesting but mild enough for less adventurous palates. They grow from 6-10 inches long and are excellent for making chili rellenos. Add them to dishes in the place of green peppers, or use them in place of habañeros to turn down the heat without sacrificing flavor.

Step 1

Find a sunny spot for your Anaheim peppers to grow. Without enough sun, there will be few blooms, and fewer peppers.

Step 2

Amend the soil with plenty of organic material. This will help to retain moisture and provide nutrients throughout the season.

Step 3

Allow for 70 to 90 days before the first fall frost. If you do not have that much time in your region, plan to use row covers or cold frames to extend the season.

Step 4

Plant Anaheim peppers after the soil has warmed and night temperatures no longer drop below 55 degrees. You can use black plastic mulch in order to help heat up the soil.

Step 5

Space peppers 18 to 24 inches apart in rows or a grid layout.

Step 6

Remove the peppers from their pots by squeezing the sides of the container gently. Score any roots which have begun to circle the inside of the pot.

Step 7

Water thoroughly and continue to water throughout the growing season. The goal is to have soil that is consistently moist without being soggy.

Tips and Warnings

  • Pepper plants are vulnerable to fungal diseases. Buy resistant varieties from a trusted nursery. If you grow your own peppers from seed, be sure to sterilize your seed trays between growing seasons.

Things You'll Need

  • Anaheim pepper plants
  • Hand shovel


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