Backyard Garden Design Ideas

Create an inviting and beautiful backyard using a few simple items. Stones placed in your garden and along the yard create an attractive path to enjoy all year round. Flowers and herbs placed in containers and in beds add color and create dramatic and bold backyard landscapes. Use baskets and flowerpots for planting vegetables and fruit. Easily moved around the backyard landscape, you can change them out seasonally as well as utilize them to make delicious meals.

Movable Garden

Plant your favorite lettuce in a giant wicker basket in your backyard. Use the basket as a movable container that when the lettuce needs more or less sunlight, you can easily move. Fill up the basket with quick drying soil to prevent soggy soil. Baskets are naturally ventilated on the bottom so proper drainage is not a problem. Around the lettuce basket, plant other vegetables and flowers for a beautiful backyard garden.


When you have limited space or just want to create attractive designs around your backyard, use containers. Plant flowers and vegetables inside the containers and place them in your garden. Use them to line a path in your backyard or on steps leading from your porch or deck. Change the containers out for fresh designs. Use tall plants mixed with smaller creeping vines for a nice contrast. Containers come in a variety of sizes and colors, perfect for creating a bold addition to your backyard landscape.

Herb Garden

Plant an herb garden in your backyard for a dramatic focal point and space to utilize all year round in your recipes. Plant taller herbs such as rosemary and parsley in the back of the garden for the backdrop to your design. Use small herbs like thyme, chives, and marjoram in the front and around the sides of the bed. Periodically pinch back your herbs to promote growth and hardy plants. Cut them and dry them out to use during the winter months. Overtime, the garden will thrive and flourish.


Add flat slate stones in your backyard to lead you to your garden or outdoor areas around your home. Lay them around the backyard every 1 to 2 feet to create an inviting pathway. In between each stone plant a colorful ground cover to fill overtime. Creeping thyme will provide a sweet scent when brushed over while walking along the path. Bright green mosses also contrast nicely with the dark gray and blues found in slate.

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