How to Grow a Hibiscus Plant


Now that you have bought hibiscus plants, you need to know how to grow them. Because hibiscus is a tropical plant, certain considerations need to be taken in order for them to grow in certain climates. Three types of hibiscus include rosa sinensis, moscheutos and syriacus. Rosa sinensis is the only hibiscus that will need to be taken indoors in the winter.

Step 1

Grow hibiscus in zones 9 through 10 year-round, but take plants indoor for the winter in cooler zones (8 and lower). Hibiscus moscheutos, hardy to zone 4, is a winter-hardy hibiscus. This plant will die back completely in the winter and sprout again in the spring. Syriacus is grown in zones 5 through 9 and is used as a specimen shrub or border because of its tree-like shape.

Step 2

Place rosa sinensis in full sun when using growing containers filled with vermiculite instead of soil. Keep the vermiculite moist, but do not let the plant stand in water. Choose a location well in full sun, as moscheutos do not transplant well. Make sure the soil drains well and the roots are not staying soggy. Syriacus will lose its leaves in winter and re-grow in the spring.

Step 3

Feed regularly with any balanced organic liquid feeder according to package directions. Pinch off any dead blooms to promote new growth.

Step 4

Prune hibiscus 2 to 3 weeks before moving them indoors for the winter. Remove any branches that are rubbing together, along with any bare stems. Move indoors when the nighttime temperature falls into the 40s. A few leaves will drop, but do not be concerned; the plant is just being acclimated. Cut the dead stems of this type in late fall or winter. Make sure you cut the stems back close to ground level.

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