Growing Zones for Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses come in many varieties and are the result of crossing tea roses with hybrid perpetual roses. These roses are defined by a high-centered flower, elegant leaves and persistent blooms. Hybrid tea roses will grow well in six of the USDA's 11 zones, though those in colder zones will need protection in the winter in zones 4-7.


Zone 1, which can experience minimum temperatures of -50 degrees, is the coldest while Zone 10, which can experience minimum temperatures of 30 degrees is the warmest. The USDA website has an interactive map and information about growing zones. Hybrid tea roses, while quite hardy, usually cannot survive in consistent sub-zero temperatures or extremely humid, subtropical temperatures.

Brownwell Sub-Zero Tea Roses

The Brownwell series of sub-zero tea roses are hardy to 15-20 degrees, but, according to the website, they are not hardy to Zones 2 or 3 as retailers claim. These roses are grafted to a hardier root stock, designed to survive in colder climes, but will still need winter protection in Zones 4 and 5. The Brownwell series is a fairly tall plant with clustering blooms.

Hybrid Care

Hybrid tea roses generally need little care after being established. Keep soil damp and plant in an area that gets 4-5 hours of sun daily, except in the warmest climates, where plants may even be happy in the shade. Roses should be deadheaded and pruned in the dormant season by cutting back about 50 percent of new growth. To extend the blooming season in colder areas, plant your roses close to a building for extra heat.


Hybrid tea roses were created in the mid-1800s, but according to the website, the modern chronology of hybrid tea roses began in 1867 with the development of the "La France" variety. France's Monsieur J. Pernet-Ducher was a key player in the development of tea roses and is attributed with creating new varieties with strong fragrance and vivid color.

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