How to Prune Oleander


Oleander is a beautiful evergreen shrub that is poisonous to animals and humans. The shrub is used to decorate landscapes and walkways, and have flowers that smell sweet and grow in a variety of colors, such as yellow, red, white and pink. They are simple to prune and it is important to prune them to ensure your oleander will be strong.

Step 1

Put on the protective gloves to protect yourself from any poisonous parts of the oleander.

Step 2

Prune the oleander in September and October to make way for new growth.

Step 3

Use the pruning scissors to cut the plant right above the leaf node, which is the area where three leaves grow off the branch. Each branch is fairly skinny, with three smaller branches coming out of it. The three smaller branches should be cut off right above the leaf node. Do this all over the plant. Pruning here is important, as this is where the new growth will come in.

Step 4

Prune the branches all over the oleander, from the very bottom to the top. Pay special attention towards the bottom of the oleander, where it needs to be the most strong and bushy. Pruning these once a year will ensure that you have an abundance of flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning scissors
  • Gloves


  • Oleander Information and Care
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