How to Identify Raspberry Plants


Identifying wild raspberry plants can be difficult, especially if you think they look just like the raspberry plants you can find at your local nursery. Raspberries can be found in several colors beyond red, including white, yellow, purple and black.

Step 1

Check to see if there is a cane that the raspberry leaves and flowers grow on. These canes bend over with solid roots in the ground. The color of these canes range from purple to light brown.

Step 2

Examine the flowers and the leaves of the plant. The leaves of raspberry plants are pointy with serrated edges, and sometimes have light hairs on the face of the leaf. The plants only bloom in late spring, and will have small, delicate white flowers.

Step 3

Look for the most recognizable part of the raspberry plant, the berry. It is a small, soft, easily squashed fruit that is a round shape made out of smaller circles. Small hairs are present on the fruit. The berry may be black, purple, red, yellow or white.


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