How to Make Stepping Stones for Gardens

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You have put a great deal of time and effort into planting, cultivating and tending your garden. You want to spend time walking in it and enjoying the foliage and blossoms and yet you do not want to trample an unsightly trail into your garden's grass. Resolve this problem with a craft object that is attractive and functional. Spend an afternoon making homemade stepping stones that will both adorn your garden and provide a path for your steps.

Step 1

Cover the area where you plan to make your stepping stones with plastic sheeting, a tarp or an old plastic shower curtain. This will protect the area from any cement that might drip or spill. It is best to select an area outdoors with a flat surface, such as your driveway or a picnic table on level ground. Put on plastic or rubber gloves and set the pail onto the plastic cover.

Step 2

Pour some of the ready mix cement into the pail and add water per the brand's instructions on the bag. The amount of water you need to use largely depends on the humidity in the air. Add some of the water, stir and add more until you have a thick but pourable consistency with which to make stepping stones.

Step 3

Set one of the plastic plant saucers onto the plastic sheeting. Slowly pour some of the concrete into the saucer, filling the saucer two to three inches. Move the first saucer out of the way onto another flat, level surface. Repeat with the remaining saucers until you have used all of the cement.

Step 4

Smooth the cement with the stirring stick. Make it as flat and even as you can. Decorate each stepping stone with embellishments that will beautify your garden, such as glass stones or even twigs and rocks from your garden.

Step 5

Allow the stepping stones to cure and harden for at least 48 hours and up to four days. Remove the stepping stones from the plastic saucers, carefully cutting the saucers away with a box cutter or craft knife if necessary. Place the stepping stones throughout your garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic sheeting, tarp or old plastic shower curtain
  • Plastic or rubber gloves
  • 5-gallon plastic pail
  • 80-pound bag of ready mix concrete
  • Water
  • Wooden stir stick (paint stick or yardstick)
  • Several 8-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch disposable plastic plant saucers
  • Decorative items such as glass stones, beads, shells, etc.
  • Box cutter or craft knife


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