Landscape Garden Ideas

Enjoy your outdoor garden and landscape by creating inviting spaces for wildlife such as birds and butterflies. Plant colorful flowers and bushes for an attractive design while attracting your favorite bugs. Use birdbaths in your garden for a quiet place for birds to enjoy. Plant flowers and herbs around your birdbath for a colorful landscape. Use structures such as trellises or arbors to create height in your garden---and for the perfect backdrop for creeping vines such as moonflowers and sweet peas.


Attract songbirds and grow flowers and plants by placing birdbaths and feeders around your garden. Hang feeders under trees and from feeder poles to bring a variety of birds. To bring in butterflies, plant bushes and flowers that they love. Planting butterfly bushes with their hearty blooms will attract these colorful insects while creating an attractive and long-lasting spot in your landscape.

Herb Garden

Use the landscape as the backdrop for a sweetly scented herb garden. Plant purple parsnip and curly parsley in the back of the bed, which will add height. Use medium to small sized herbs like basil, oregano, and English thyme scattered in the middle and front of the bed. Always plant the herbs in full sun, and water frequently for a properly established bed. Scatter a layer of mulch around the herb garden, especially in the summer, to help retain moisture.

Fire Pit

Install a portable fire pit in your landscape and near the herb garden for the perfect spot to enjoy in the evening with a warm cup of tea or to use for grilling your favorite foods. Fire pits have a grill top you can use for outdoor cooking. Use the herbs from your herb garden to add to your recipes. Fire pits can also be used on your backyard lawn with a set of chairs surrounding, for a cozy spot to enjoy with family and friends. You can also create your own fire pit by using stones. Clear out an area in your yard and lay the stone in a circular pattern to create your own pit. You won't need adhesive because over time the stones will settle into the ground. In the fall and winter months, you can enjoy the landscape by sitting around the warm and cozy fire pit.


Enhance your garden by installing a trellis. This structure can provide privacy and become the perfect area for planting flowers. Use a wood trellis in your garden for growing creepers. Plant the creeping vine or flower in a larger pot or planter. Train the flower to grow up over the trellis, creating a lush and green wall. Another idea is to use mosquito netting to cover the trellis. Garden gates can also create a makeshift garden trellis. Use vines to cover the gate in your landscape. For attached gates plant colorful flowers on either side of the gate for an inviting entry. If you have an old gate that can be moved, use it in your landscape as a spot for growing flowers while creating a creative and unique backdrop to your garden.

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