When to Prune Pecan Trees

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Pecan trees are native North American trees that grow best in the Southern United States. Pecan trees are large trees that can grow as tall as 150 feet at full maturity. Pecans were used as for food even since the Indians. They can be roasted, ground and pressed into oils. Pecan trees are best grown by commercial growers because they have the necessary equipment to care for the large trees. To maintain the health of the pecan tree, annual pruning must be done.

Pruning Pecan Trees

Step 1

Prune your pecan trees, so that they will allow in more light, by removing limbs that are in the center of the tree. Cut away all of the limbs in the center of the tree so that sunlight will penetrate around the entire tree. Cut back any limbs that get in each others' way of adequate sun. Pecan trees thrive best when they get a lot of sunlight and are exposed to consistently warm temperatures that do not drop at night.

Step 2

Cut away any of the lower limbs that might get in the way of the tree shaker during harvest. All low lying limbs that would get damaged or ran over by the harvesting equipment should be cut. Cut the branches 3 to 4 inches away from the stump. The dead branches will also fall away when the tree is shaken during harvest.

Step 3

Prune the trees late in the winter when temperatures have dropped and the trees have become dormant. Br conservative in your pruning. The more severe you are in your pruning, the less likely you will have a healthy crop the next year.

Step 4

Paint all of the pruned branches with plain white latex paint. The latex paint will seal the wood and prevent fungus from getting in and destroying your trees.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruner
  • White Latex paint


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