How to Make an Easy-to-Grow Vegetable Garden


Growing vegetables are an easy and rewarding pastime. By providing fresh vegetables to meals, you will be providing your family with a healthier diet. At the same time, you will be saving money, as you will not have to buy produce from the grocery store as often. Vegetable gardens can be detailed depending on what you like, but try a few easy vegetables first.

Step 1

Considerations for an easy to grow vegetable garden include preparing the soil by loosening the soil with a tiller and removing any grass, weeds, rocks or other debris. Make sure the garden is in a sunny location, as most vegetables need full sun. Add fertilizer to the soil according to package directions and at the right time. All fertilizer is different in application times, so be sure to consult the package.

Step 2

Additionally, choose vegetables that you like and are easy to grow when learning to garden. The ones listed here are the easiest to grow and harvest.

Step 3

Prepare long rows that are approximately 1 foot high by pulling the soil into a row with a garden hoe. This is a preferred method for gardening, as the plants have more loose soil to grow into. Make sure the rows are spaced approximately 3 feet apart so that you can walk between the rows.

Step 4

Beginning with the first row and the packet of tomato seeds or plants, plant the tomatoes in the top of the row. A good rule of thumb for planting is to use your index finger and push it into the ground to your last knuckle. Drop two to three seeds into the hole and cover with dirt. Alternatively, if using plants, plant at the same depth, but make the hole bigger to fit the entire root ball and accompanying dirt. Do not cover the base of the plant stem with dirt. Lightly pack the dirt around the plant. As you continue on, lay the hand shovel end to end from the base of the plant you just planted and make another hole at the tip of the shovel end for adequate spacing. This allows you to work quickly without having to measure every time.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 for each row. Plant one type of vegetable plants or seeds per row only. For instance, the second row will be jalapeño pepper plants, the third row will be green beans, the fourth row will be zucchini and the last row will be cucumber seeds. Keep in mind that zucchini and cucumbers will vine across the ground so they need to be at the end rows.

Things You'll Need

  • Tomato seeds or plants
  • Jalapeño plants
  • Cucumber seeds
  • Zucchini seeds
  • Green bean seeds
  • Garden tiller
  • Hoe
  • Hand shovel


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