Front Yard Landscape Ideas

Front yards can be transformed into a functional and appealing space using a few simple items. For a low-maintenance front yard, install stone over the lawn. This sleek and simple design will create a large patio for entertaining friends and family. Add an outdoor patio set and benches in the front yard to create the perfect spot for entertaining friends and family or reading a good book. Plant colorful flowers and plants along a walkway or fence in the front yard for a cheery and inviting design.


To create a low-maintenance front yard, replace the lawn with pavers. Flagstone or bluestone, which are durable and weather-resistant, create an elegant front yard. Use the square-cut pavers and lay them in the front yard. Square-cut stones are perfect for creating an appealing design while transforming oddly-shaped lawns into geometrically appealing front yards. For a small area of grass, keep the circumference of the lawn intact. This creates a green border around the pavers and makes for a visually intriguing design.


Over the pavers, install benches for extra seating. Outdoor benches come in a variety of materials. Wrought iron is rust proof and weather resistant and will stand elegantly in the front yard. Use more than one to create a space for entertaining guests. Wood benches look rustic and natural and blend in with plants and colors found in your front yard. Wood benches also look attractive nestled in the garden for a relaxing and inviting space. Place them side-by-side for a long bench or large family. Place them in front of each other with an outdoor coffee table in between for a spot to enjoy dinner and conversations with friends and family.


Plant tall and hearty plants such as New Zealand flax and horsetail in large containers for a dramatic and inviting front yard design. Containers can be moved around the yard to create different designs. They come in a variety of shapes and colors to match the plants and front yard landscape. Place large containers along a front path and around each side of the front door. Place one or more around a tree or bush for an added design element. Use small containers and stagger them on the stairs leading up to a porch or deck.


Erect an arbor in the front yard at the front of a pathway or gate. This dramatic entry will create a lush focal point in the front yard. A wood or composite arbor is ideal for withstanding the outdoors while creating the perfect base for growing climbing vines and flowers. At the base, plant vines in containers. Train the plants to crawl up and over the arbor. Grape vines and creeping jasmine are hearty plants that are ideal for an arbor.

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