Alyssum Fast Facts

Alyssum Fast Facts image by copyright B. Huff
Alyssum Fast Facts image by copyright B. Huff


Alyssum is a delicate annual flower made up of clusters of tiny flowers in shades of white, pink, yellow, and purple, usually sold in six-packs in garden centers and department stores. It is hardy in every zone.

Where to Plant

Usually used as a ground cover, alyssum looks great as a border, around rocks, or as a filler in pots.

Sun Requirements

Alyssum grows best in plenty of sun, at least 4 hours. Regular watering helps to protect it from the hot, afternoon sun.

Soil Conditions

Alyssum prefers well-drained soil. Make sure pots have drainage holes because wet roots will lead to rot.


One of the easiest annuals to grow, alyssum can be planted and just almost forgotten. Pruning dead sections will keep the plant blooming longer. It proliferates quickly and will re-seed itself, coming back on its own each year in most climates.

Growing Season

This cascading flower starts to bloom immediately in spring, slows a bit in late summer, but turns a bit darker and vibrant in late summer into the fall, making it one of the most versatile plants available.

Fun Fact

Alyssum seeds are easily spread by wind. After planting one year, watch for signs of them popping up "wild" the next spring in your yard, cracks of sidewalks, or gravel driveways.


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