Ideas for Sloping Backyards

Sloping backyards offer a challenge to homeowners, but you can meet the challenge beautifully with flowering perennials, evergreen shrubs and hardscapes that include carefully placed boulders. Go with the flow of your sloping backyard and create a space that will take center stage on your property.

Flowering & Evergreen Shrubs

Cover your sloping backyard in flowering shrubs such as azaleas and weigela for springtime blooms---and hydrangeas and butterfly bushes for summer color that may last into the fall. Mix in a variety of evergreen shrubs for continuous foliage year round. Dwarf conifers, dwarf globe cedars, and mucronata spruce are examples of evergreen shrubs that will grow well together on a sloping backyard, without growing too large for the landscape. Planting shrubs will help keep the soil from eroding while providing a beautiful focal point on your property.

Dry River Bed

Take advantage of the slope in your backyard to create a dry creek bed that will flow with rainwater and offer a striking vista from any vantage point. You'll need large boulders to line the river bed and a thick plastic pond liner or landscape fabric to keep the weeds from invading your view. Excavate a shallow trench to meander from the top to the bottom of your sloping backyard, diverting the water away from your house if necessary. Line the trench with plastic or fabric before you place the boulders. Select white quartz boulders for a river bed that will stand out against the landscape, or river rocks for a natural river bed that will blend into your rustic hillside.

Perennial Tiers

Fill your sloping backyard with perennial flowers for a color that lasts from early spring to late fall. Create tiers with landscape pavers and plant a variety of daylilies, peonies, primroses, irises, and foxglove. Include ground covers like hosta, creeping phlox, creeping juniper, and periwinkle to further stabilize the sloping ground.

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