Kinds of Blooming Flowers

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Blooming flowers add color to your garden and attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other insects to your property. Plant your outdoor flower garden with a combination of perennials and annuals for continuous color from early spring to late fall. You can also enjoy blooming flowers inside your home, even with low light conditions.


Perennials reappear in your garden year after year with blooms that generally last at least three weeks. A perennial garden is more cost effective than an annual garden, with the added benefit of plant multiplication. After three to five years, you can divide your perennial blooming flowers to share with friends or to increase the size of your garden. Examples of perennial blooming flowers include hydrangea, which loses its leaves in the winter and grows new leaves in the spring, and rhododendron, which is an evergreen perennial and keeps its leaves all year round. Peonies, carnations, sweet pea, and clematis are examples of perennials that enjoy full sun. Shade-loving perennials include violets, primrose, columbine, and gladiolus.


Annual flowers only bloom for the duration of one season, but the blooming time is continuous until the plant dies at the end of the season. Examples of annual flowers for springtime color include bachelor buttons, dianthus and alyssum. For summer blooming annuals, select from petunias, begonias, and geraniums that may continue to bloom into early fall, depending on your climate. More blooming annuals for fall color include snapdragons, panolas, and pansies.

Indoor Flowers

If you're looking for flowers that bloom indoors with low light conditions, consider planting peace lilies, bromeliads, African violets, Christmas cactus, and zebra plants. Each of these blooming flowers requires little attention as well as little light. The Christmas cactus needs 12 hours of darkness to bloom, so expect to see its flower during the winter months. Bromeliads have foliage that is as beautiful as the flower that will occasionally appear. Peace lilies, African violets, and zebra plants will bloom throughout the year.

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