Ideas on Placing Climbing Roses

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For a profusion of vertical color, consider planting climbing roses in your flower garden. Climbing roses bloom heavily in the spring, followed by sporadic blossoms throughout the summer, and some varieties have another heavy blooming season in the fall. Most climbing rose varieties are hardy from zone 5 through zone 10.

Corner of the House

Plant a climbing rose on one corner of your home for added curb appeal. Select the side of your house that receives at least 6 hours of sun daily with soil that has good drainage. Climbing roses have two types of shoots, a structural cane that extends from the soil and flowering limbs that grow from the cane. The structural canes should be loosely tied to a trellis or the downspout with flexible fabric such as stockings. You can also weave the canes through the trellis; the main goal is to keep the flowers off the ground.


Train two climbing roses to follow the shape of an arbor in your garden. Select a sturdy, metal arbor that can carry the weight of both flowering rose plants. To plant the climbing roses, dig a hole 2 feet deep and twice as wide as the root spread on your plants. Place the center of the hole about 18 inches from each side of the arbor. Add fertilizer and soil according to the variety and root type of your climbing rose as well as the climate in your area; your local garden center will offer guidance and planting instructions. To train the rose to climb over the arbor, attach the strongest cane to the arbor with stretchy fabric. Continue to tie the sturdiest cane to a section of the arbor as the rose begins to climb.

Fence Line

Climbing roses grow best along a horizontal fence line; you'll enjoy more blossoms if the rose climbs horizontally rather than vertically. Plant the rose about 18 inches from the fence and either entwine the cane through the fence rails or tie them onto the fence with stretchy cloth. As the rose plant grows, continue to tie the canes horizontally along the fence.

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