How to Build a Garden Trellis

A trellis adds structure and beauty to your garden. image by Photo by August Norman;, Illustrations by MJ Logan


Climbing vines of all sorts love a trellis to climb on. Clematis, honeysuckle, morning glory and ivy just name a few of the plants that grace a trellis. Using a trellis and climbing plant to create a screen can turn a corner of the garden into a separate room. Plant annuals alongside the perennials the first year or two until the perennials take over. This trellis screen is easily adapted to any size and a number of uses and locations.

Step 1

Dig two post holes 30 inches deep. Add 6 inches of gravel or crushed stone to the bottom of the hole. Set the 10-foot 2-by-4s in the holes so the wide sides face each other and level them. Fill in around the 2-by-4s with the excavated dirt. (See illustration.)

Step 2

Cut two of the 2-by-2s in half, 4-feet long each. Cut the 1-by-4 in half to make two 4-foot long pieces. Drill pilot holes and screw two 2-by-2 pieces to each 1-by-4 piece, leaving a gap equal to the thickness of the panel, 3/8 inch. Make one for the top and one for the bottom.

Step 3

Mount the bottom piece between the two upright 2-by-4s by drilling pilot holes through the 2-by-4s into the ends of the 2-by-2s and adding screws.

Step 4

Cut the remaining 2-by-2s to 93 inches. Mount one to each upright 2-by-4 making it flush with the edge. Drill pilot holes through the 2-by-2s and screw them to the 2-by-4s.

Step 5

Set the lattice into the channel on the bottom piece and hold it flat against the two 2-by-2s. Screw the remaining two 2-by-2s to the 2-by-4 sides to hold the lattice securely in place.

Step 6

Fit the channel in the top piece onto the lattice. Screw the top piece between the upright 2-by-4s the same as the bottom piece. The lattice trellis is complete.

Step 7

Give the trellis a coat of water sealer to keep it from rotting.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always wear safety glasses when using power tools. Always wear a dusk mask when cutting wood.

Things You'll Need

  • Two 10-foot 2-by-4s
  • Six 8-foot 2-by-2s
  • One 8-foot 1-by-4
  • One 4 by 8 foot by 3/8 inch thick lattice panel
  • Tape measure
  • Post hole digger
  • Crushed stone or gravel
  • Spade
  • 4-foot level
  • Saw
  • Drill with bits and driver bits
  • Two-1/2 inch deck screws
  • One-1/2 inch deck screws


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Photo by: Photo by August Norman;, Illustrations by MJ Logan