Ideas for Landscaping Small Backyards

Small backyards can be transformed into an outdoor oasis with a few simple ideas. To separate the backyard into a variety of functional and beautiful spaces, use creeping vines along an outdoor privacy screen. Outdoor privacy walls can break up a small space, creating different areas. For an added design element and way to save space, plant flowers and plants in containers. You can easily maneuver them around the small backyard to change the design. Install solar lights to create a warm and inviting glow which will brighten and open up the space at night.


Use containers for your small backyard to free up space while providing a bold design. Place the containers around a patio set or in a small garden for an inviting design. Fill the container with bright colors accented with green plants for contrasting colors and textures. Containers take up less space, and you can maneuver them around your backyard. Scatter them around your patio set during outdoor dinners. Containers are available in a range of shapes and colors, and are ideal for creating your own design to fit in with a small backyard.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones provide a nice design element and pathway in a small backyard without taking up a lot of space. Choose flagstone or slate to create an inviting path in your backyard. Use bright, beautiful flowers in orange and yellow to set off the stones. Consider using the stones to create a path that leads to a compost area, or around your home.

Color Scheme

When designing a small backyard, choose colors that will create the illusion of a bigger backyard. Flowers in cool colors like blue and green will give the feeling of a more open space. Line evergreens such as dwarf blue spruce against the back of the home to create the feeling of bigger backyard space, while providing privacy and a make-shift wall. Plant ground cover to add another design element.

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