How to Grow Beets

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Beets are sweet, soft vegetables that are great for growing during cool weather. Their sweet flavor can add taste to salad without the salad maker needing to add salad dressing. Beets are not vulnerable to diseases or pests. Beet enthusiasts can also be happy to know that beets have lots of folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Step 1

Purchase beet seeds at any location that has a gardening center. Seeds can sometimes be found in grocery stores as well.

Step 2

Plant beets when the frost has been gone for 2-1/2 weeks. These beets can be planted and replanted several times since they can be harvested in 45 to 65 days and can be grown even in cool weather.

Step 3

Find a spot that will receive plenty of sun. Make sure that nothing is planted nearby the beets that will block out the sun.

Step 4

Use loam for soil. The soil should be kept moist and drained.

Step 5

Use 15 pounds of compost. Break up the soil with your hands.

Step 6

Soak seeds in compost tea before planting.

Step 7

Poke a hole into the soil that is about half of the index finger. Drop a seed or two in the soil. Push the dirt on to the soil and gently pack the soil into the hole.

Step 8

Water the soil enough to keep the soil moist, but do not soak the soil so much that the water floats on top of the surface of the soil. A good time to water the beets is before noon, though they should be watered whenever the soil gets dry. However, beets are really hardy and can handle not being watered here and there.

Step 9

Add mulch when the beet plants emerge from the soil.

Step 10

Add fertilizer every couple days. Fertilizer can be mixed in with water in the watering can.

Tips and Warnings

  • Very hot weather can dehydrate beets, but the beets can be protected by shading them partially. Make sure that the soil is not packed too tight. Gently water the beets. Pouring too much water too quickly on the beets can kill them. After 50 to 60 days, beets become tougher and lose their taste. Be sure to harvest them before then.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Beet seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Loam soil
  • Compost


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