Ideas for Planting Flower Pots

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Using flower pots for indoor or outdoor gardening allows you to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables that otherwise might not thrive in your area because of climate conditions. You can bring your flower pots indoors and nurture the plants year-round.


Plant a miniature rose with a weeping tree rose that can grow more than 5 feet tall. Weeping tree roses grow well in large flower pots, at least 16 inches in diameter, on your patio or in your home. The weeping tree rose's slender trunk rises to a topping of green foliage covered with flowering roses that droop in beautiful clusters during the blooming season, from spring to the end of summer. Miniature rose bushes bloom during the same time frame but only grow 1 to 3 feet tall. If your flower pot is at least 20 inches in diameter, you could add several miniature rose plants around the base of your weeping rose tree. Select complementary shades or the same shade of roses for both types of plants. Roses enjoy full to partial sun, good drainage and fertilizer during the blooming period.

Bromeliad Mix

Bromeliads are known for their striking foliage and interesting flowers. Bromeliads are exotic plants that can thrive with little attention. The bromeliad will take center stage of any flower pot, but they have small root systems and stalk growth patterns, so you can add a companion plant to the flower pot. Consider adding succulents such as hoya, orbea or aloe or any type of cactus plants because they also need little water and enjoy warm temperatures.

Herb Mix

Plant a variety of herbs in one flower pot for an attractive mixture that will resemble a windowsill in a Mediterranean kitchen. Sage, catnip and rosemary grow well together, as will basil, oregano and thyme. Most herbs enjoy full to partial sun and well-drained soil. Select your combination based on the food you like to prepare or on the way the foliage looks.

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