Rose Garden Ideas

A rose garden is a beautiful addition to almost any landscaping design. Rose gardens can be incorporated into a larger flower garden, or the rose garden can be a standalone feature of the landscaping. As is the case with any variety of rose, ensure that the garden has ample light, adequate watering, and sufficient fertilizing. Once the roses begin to grow, be sure to enjoy the cut flowers, as rose bushes usually flourish when flowers are cut.

Stair-Step Illusion

Plant miniature rose varieties along the pathway through your garden. Directly behind these, plant a rose shrub variety. Continue to plant roses that grow higher to create the illusion of a stair-stepped garden. When you are planting, be sure to leave adequate room between each plant and each level in the garden. The exact amount of space between plants depends upon the actual variety of the roses. Typically, roses need three to six inches between plants. However, some larger varieties may need up to a foot of space.

Garden Centerpiece

Use your rose garden as the centerpiece of your garden. To do this, outline the area for your roses using paving stones or brick retainers. Once this is done, choose colored inorganic mulch for the area. Volcanic rock, white marble, and crushed stones are a few options. Plant your roses according to the directions for the variety. Any variety will work for this idea, as long as the color and style of the roses match your garden theme. Overlay the area with the mulch.

Focal Front Yard

If you have a central walkway to your front door, you can showcase its beauty using roses. Create a space for a rose garden on both sides of the walkway in either a circular or square pattern. In the center of the area, install a light post. Plant a climbing variety of roses near the base of the light post. Consider using Portlandia, New Impressionist, or New Dawn varieties. You will have to train the roses up the light post using plastic strips or zip-ties to loosely hold the branches as you wind them up the light post. When doing this, ensure that the tie doesn't cut into the delicate branch.

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