How to Care for Spider Flower


Spider flower is the nickname for cleome, a plant with spidery-like flowers. When planted in groups, the annual looks like shrubbery with 8-inch blossom balls. It grows to be 6 feet high and sports blossoms that are white, purple or pink. The most popular varieties are Cherry Queen, Violet Queen, Helen Campbell and Pink Queen. They all tolerate dry weather and heat well and bloom from early summer to midfall.

Step 1

Plant spider flowers in full sun or light shade for best results. Make sure the soil has a neutral pH and is well-drained. They do well in drier soil.

Step 2

Encourage the spider flowers to grow bushier by pruning the plants in midspring. Cut off one-third of the plant.

Step 3

Plant bushier companion plants around the base of spider flowers because the flowers will lose some of their lower leaves at the end of the summer. Companion plants such as lavender will hide that and fill in the area nicely.

Step 4

Leave the cleome alone if you want it to self-seed. However, if you don't want volunteer seedlings, prune the seedpods off in the fall.

Step 5

Place the flowers in the back of flower beds because of their height and thin stems. They also do very well in hummingbird gardens and fragrance gardens.

Step 6

Water spider flower regularly but make sure not to overwater them. They have average moisture needs.

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