How to Grow Corn

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Sweet corn is one of the most delightful fresh vegetables of the summer. It's even better when it is picked out of your own vegetable garden. A chemical change takes place in corn right after it's picked. The sugar begins to turn to starch, causing the corn to lose it's flavor. Corn picked from the garden right before it's cooked is the best tasting and sweetest.

Step 1

Choose the location, which receives full daily sun, for your planting. Corn is a plant that cross-pollinates (pollinates by wind), so you need to have enough room for about 4 rows, each 4 feet long. Because of cross-pollination you will want to choose just one type of corn each season or you will end up with a mixture that you can see on the corn cob.

Step 2

Remove all rocks and debris from the planting area. Mix your soil rich in compost and manure. The soil can even be worked the autumn before, in preparation for spring planting. The nutrients you mix in the soil will feed your corn stalks to produce healthy full kernel cobs.

Step 3

Make rows by turning your hoe so one point faces the ground and forms an indentation in the soil. Pull the hoe to form a row, about 4 feet long.

Step 4

Start back at the beginning 1 foot beside the first soil line and repeat the procedure. You should end with a mound of dirt along the inside of both soil lines. Repeat this process four times, parallel to the first row. Leave a pathway between each row of about 2 to 3 feet or enough space to walk between the rows.

Step 5

Place 2 to 3 corn seeds every foot, down each row. Push them into the dirt about ¾ inch and then cover them with soil. However, always read the package directions, as different types of corn may require different depths of planting.

Step 6

Water the corn planting thoroughly after planting. Moist soil is necessary for the corn to germinate and grow. Water the top soil is dry. However, do not create a sopping soil with excess watering.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost
  • Manure
  • Hoe
  • Corn seeds


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