Beginner Bonsai Tools

Routine pruning of the bonsai plant is essential for cultivating and growing an aesthetically-pleasing and healthy bonsai tree, and all bonsai artists and cultivators use special shears and cutting tools to practice their art. Beginner bonsai cultivators must invest in some high quality tools so that they can trim the branches and roots of their bonsai plant successfully. Many of the basic bonsai tools can be purchased as a set, and some are packaged in a gift box for the aspiring bonsai plant cultivator.

Plastic Turntable

One of the essential beginner's bonsai tools is the turntable that the bonsai plant rests on while pruning. This turntable allows the bonsai artist to reach all parts of the bonsai tree easily without having to lift the plant tray or move the plant in any way. These turntables are available in a variety of sizes, and must be placed on a flat surface in order to turn smoothly.

Bonsai Shears or Scissors

Bonsai shears or scissors are necessary for clipping buds, flowers and leaves off the bonsai plant during the pruning process, and for thinning and defoliating the bonsai. Professional-grade shears and scissors are available from companies such as Masakuni, Fujiyama and Ashinaga. Quality shears are handmade by Japanese craftsmen, and are made of high carbon steel.

Concave Pruner

Bonsai Clubs International suggests that the single most important bonsai tool for a beginner is the concave pruner. This bonsai tool is designed to remove branches of the bonsai tree easily, and creates a small concave depression in the tree trunk so that the trunk can grow back without creating an unsightly bump. The concave pruner is available in a variety of sizes, but an 8-inch pruner is the recommended size for the beginner bonsai enthusiast.

Wire Cutter

Wire cutters are used to position aluminum or annealed copper wire to the bonsai plant during the training process. Beginner bonsai plant growers need this tool to cut the wire down to its appropriate size, and also to shape and twist the wire once it has been weaved into the branches or trunk of the bonsai plant. Wire cutters are also used to remove the wire from the bonsai plant after the training process is complete.

Root Hook

When removing the bonsai plant from its tray for repotting purposes, the beginner bonsai plant grower will need to use a root hook that helps to untangle the roots after the tree is removed from the soil. These hooks are available in a variety of sizes, and will help to remove and untangle the roots easily without causing extensive damage to the plant.

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