Different Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants are cultivated as an art form and hobby by many gardeners and exotic plant enthusiasts around the world, and there are several different types and species of bonsai plants to choose from. Whether you're a beginner bonsai cultivator or a veteran bonsai planter, you can develop different types of bonsai plants using special pruning, growing and container-training techniques.

Okinawa Holly

The Okinawa Holly bonsai plant produces miniature holly leaves and small pink flowers that are replaced by small berries throughout the year. This bonsai plant is typically grown for ornamental and decorative purposes, and is relatively easy to grow indoors. The Okinawa Holly plant requires regular watering, and can be shaped with regular pruning.

Shimpaku (Chinese Juniper)

The Shimpaku bonsai plant can be grown in a variety of soil types and produces dark, green needles and thick foliage year round. BonsaiGardener.org recommends this type of bonsai plant for beginning bonsai enthusiasts because the plant is easy to grow and maintain. The Shimpaku bonsai plant can be grown indoors, and must be pruned and pinched regularly with the fingers throughout the year in order for it to grow thick, dense and compact foliage.

Chinese Bird Plum

The Chinese Bird Plum bonsai plant is among the bonsai trees that produces fragrant flowers followed by miniature blue berries throughout the year. The Chinese Bird Plum typically grows symmetrically with medium-green colored leaves and a dark brown, scaly trunk. This type of bonsai plant grows in the light but must be kept out of direct sunlight, especially direct afternoon sunlight (even behind glass).

Hinoki Cypress (False Cypress)

The Hinoki Cypress bonsai plant, also known as the False Cypress, is an evergreen bonsai that produces deep green leaves on branches that spread out in large fans. This bonsai plant also produces small cones, and can reach a height of up to 12 inches. The Hinoki Cypress can reach a height of 75 feet and a spread of 20 feet.

Fukien Tea

The Fukien Tea bonsai is an evergreen bonsai tree named after the Fujian province. This bonsai plant produces very small leaves that are covered with tiny hairs, and also produces small black berries and flowers during the summer months. The Fukien Tea bonsai is difficult to find and may be challenging to grow for beginner bonsai enthusiasts.

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