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One of earth's most captivating plants, the Venus flytrap, is a carnivorous plant that is native to North and South Carolina. Preying on insects, the marvelous plant closes its traps when its hairs are triggered, dissolving its meal over a period of five to 10 days.


The Venus flytrap requires at least four hours of direct sunlight each day to maintain its healthy state.


The flytrap's sensitive hairs are triggered when insects cross and touch the hairs. The traps of the plants can snap shut in less than a second.


Once the insect is trapped, the trap releases digestive secretions that dissolve the insect. Anything that cannot be dissolved is released by the trap.


Healthy Venus flytraps require wet roots, high humidity, direct sunlight and acidic soil for successful growth. The soil should contain sphagnum moss and sand. Do not fertilize or lime the flytrap's soil.

Underwater Living

Venus flytraps can live underwater for several months at a time.

Indoor Living

Indoor Venus flytraps require flies and bugs to maintain their existence. Do not feed the flytrap human food as it will cause indigestion rot, which kills the plant.


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