Outdoor Decorating With Flowers

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Decorate the outside of your home with flowers in beds along the perimeter of your property and in containers on the porch and in the yard. Adapt the containers to the style of your home; A wheel barrow overflowing with petunias suits a rural setting while a concrete planter holding those same petunias adapts well to a modern façade. Outdoor decorating with flowers is easy if you select the components based on your personal style.

Container Gardens

Step 1

Plant flowers in containers, and place them around the perimeter of your patio or along the steps leading to your front door. Select the containers for your flower decorations to coordinate with the outside of your home. Consider copper, terra cotta, ceramic or plastic planters you can find in your local home stores. Choose unusual items like an old boot or a watering can as containers for your plants. Make sure to create adequate drainage for any flowers that you plant.

Step 2

Select annuals to plant in your containers, such as pansies for winter and springtime color, begonias for summer blooms and chrysanthemums for a profusion of fall color. Research the types of flowers that work well in the light available for your outdoor space.

Step 3

Fill the bottom half of your container with potting soil. Remove your plants from the grower's containers and knead the roots at the base to help them grow in their new environment.

Step 4

Add the plants to the container, and fill in on the sides with more potting soil. Water the plants, and place the containers wherever you'd like them on your property.

Flower Beds

Step 1

Decorate with perennial flower beds to add curb appeal to the front of your home. Create the space for your flower bed by excavating the area where you will plant the flowers; remove any rocks, roots and debris.

Step 2

Place a layer of weed prevention membrane over the entire area of your flower bed. Cut slits in the fabric wherever you plan to plant flowers.

Step 3

Plant your flower beds with the tallest flowers, like canna lilies or rose bushes, along the back. Medium to tall flowers like daylilies and dahlias should be in the center of your flower bed, and short ground covers like hostas or sedum along the front.

Step 4

Add decorative mulch around the plantings to help with moisture retention and to cover the landscape fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Containers
  • Soil
  • Flowers
  • Edging
  • Shovel
  • Gloves
  • Weed prevention membrane
  • Scissors
  • Mulch


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Photo by: daryl mitchell: Flickr.com