Tools for Disabled Gardeners

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If you love gardening, don't give up on your passion just because of a disability. Whether you are in a wheelchair or have arthritis, there is a gardening tool that will make it easier for you to enjoy your hobby. Tools for disabled gardeners have specialized handles and other features that make digging, weeding and pruning much more comfortable.

Hand Tools

Hand tools, such as trowels and forks, with contoured handles allow you to control the tool better. If you have arthritis, choose tools with large padded handles that are more comfortable to use. If you have a weak wrist, use tools with upright handles and attach an arm support for more stability and less strain on the wrist.

Long-Reach Hand Tools

Use long-reach hand tools if you have difficulty bending or you garden while sitting down. These tools allow you to reach the back of a flower bed with less effort. Tools with handles at right angles to the head will reduce strain to your hand and wrist. You can push a tool with a T-shaped handle into the ground with less effort. In addition, you can use a tool with a T-shaped handle if you have only one hand.

Large Tools

Choose large shovels and forks with shorter handles if you garden while sitting down. Use tools with soft D-shaped handles if you have a weak wrist or you have only one hand. A tool with a center tread on the head for your foot is more balanced and easier to push into the ground.

Pruning Tools

Scissors with large, soft grips and pruners with finger loops are easier to hold. Pruners with a ratchet action, power lever or gear action require less force to cut. Choose pruners with an angled head for less wrist strain. Cut-and-hold pruners grip the cut piece of plant material so you do not have to bend over to pick up debris.

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