How to Harvest Cabbage

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Cabbage grows well in fertile, well-draining soil and is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Many varieties are available which can be harvested anytime from late summer through the winter months. Cabbage is generally ready for harvest twenty to thirty weeks after planting and can continue to be harvested for months.

Step 1

Cut the heads off with a sharp knife. Cabbage is ready to be harvested as soon as the head forms. It is best however, to wait until they are firm when you give them a gentle squeeze. If you wait longer, the heads may split open, which is common during a heavy rain.

Step 2

Continue to cut off any smaller heads or sprouts that grow from the stump of the cabbage heads you already harvested. When cutting those smaller heads, which are about two to four inches in diameter, only cut off the heads, and not the outer leaves that are loose. More heads will grow from those leaves.

Step 3

Remove and destroy any stumps if you notice worms or other pests and are unable to control them. They could destroy your whole crop.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife


  • University of Illinois Extension
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