Guide to Container Gardening (Page 2)

Guide to Container Gardening (Page 2)

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Container Gardening
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Small salad green such as oak leaf lettuce and mustard cress, or vegetables such as silver beet, which have a quick maturing period are ideal. You may be able to get several crops of a quick maturing vegetable from your container. Cherry tomatoes and other fruiting vegetables, including peppers or eggplant can be easily grown in containers, as can root vegetables such as baby carrots, radishes or spring onions. Try planting quick-growing small herbs and leaf lettuces around you larger fruiting vegetables.

Vegetable Container Type Recommended Varieties
Beans, Snap 5 gal. Windowbox Bush types such as blue lake, contender, and tavera
Beans, Lima 5 gal. Windowbox White Dixie Wonder
Beets 5 gal. Windowbox Early Wonder, Detroit Dark Red
Broccoli 1 plant/5 gal. pot
3 plants/15 gal. tub
Super Blend, Italian Green Sprouting
Brussels Sprouts 1 plant/5 gal. pot
2 plants/15 gal. tub
Cabbage 1 plant/5 gal. pot
3 plants/15 gal. tub
Chinese Cabbage 1 plant/5 gal. pot
3 plants/15 gal. tub
Carrot 5 gal. Windowbox at least 12" deep Little Finger, Thumbelina
Cucumber 1 plant/gal. pot Spacemaster
Eggplant 3 gal. pot Black Beauty, Rosa Bianca
Garlic 8-inch deep container Most Varieties
Lettuce 5 gal. Windowbox Salad Bowl, Ruby, Grand Rapids, Oak Leaf, Buttercrunch, Dark Green Boston, Little Gem, Bibb
Onion 5 gal. Windowbox White Sweet Spanish, Yellow Sweet Spanish
Pepper 1 plant/2 gal. pot
5 plants/15 gal. tub
Sweet Banana, Yolo Wonder, Long Red Cayenne, Bell Boy, Keystone Resistant, California Wonder, New Ace, Red Cherry, Long Red Cayenne, Jalapeno, Thai Hot
Radish 5 gal. Windowbox Cherry Belle, Icicle, Champion, Scarlet Globe
Spinach 5 gal. Windowbox Dark Green Bloomsdale, Melody, America, Avon Hybrid
Squash 2 gal. pot Scallopini, Baby Crookneck, Creamy, Golden Nugget, Gold Rush, Zucchini (most varieties)
Tomatoes Bushel baskets
5 gal. pots
Tiny Tim, Small Fry, Sweet 100, Patio, Burpee's Pixie, Toy Boy, Early Girl, Better Boy VFN, Pixie, Red Robin, Sugar Lump, Tumblin' Tom (hanging baskets)

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