How to Create an Indoor Garden


An indoor garden allows the enjoyment of beautiful plants and blooms without the challenges gardening outdoors can bring. While the elements and naturally-occurring conditions, like weeds, are not a concern, creating an indoor garden offers endless possibilities for enjoying a wide range of plants year-round. Take inventory of your indoor environment, and then help any number of plants find a happy home.

How to Create an Indoor Garden

Step 1

Choose the right plants. Select plants that are likely to fare well indoors. Consider the maintenance a plant requires before buying. Choose plants like a peace lily, barrel cactus or jade plant (which is nearly impossible to kill). Try the pothos, which comes in 4 varieties and is very easy to care for. Palms also thrive indoors and require very little light or water. Flowering plants can also be grown successfully indoors. A few flowering pot plants to consider include chrysanthemums, cyclamen and kalanchoe, which can be purchased with blooms year-round.

Step 2

Select the right spot. Place plants in an area where they will get the proper amount of light. Each type of plant varies in the amount and intensity of light it requires. Be sure to take into account how much natural light flows into your house---and where---before brining them home. Provide adequate space for your plant. Some plants will grow long, such as the trailing pothos, and, in time, will need more space. Consider humidity requirements for a plant and whether your indoor space will properly meet those needs.

Step 3

Maintenance matters. "Just be particular when you water indoor plants," said Adrienne Colvin of Martina's Flowers and Gifts. "You can water them until the water runs out the bottom; just don't let them sit in the water, or it will cause root rot." Fertilize indoor plants during their growing season to help promote growth.


  • Adrienne Colvin of Martina's Flowers and Gifts
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