How to Grow Vinca Minor


Vinca minor, also known as periwinkle or creeping myrtle, is an evergreen plant that produces a mass of purple blooms that appear almost delicate. However, don't let their dainty appearance fool you, because vinca minor can grow where nothing else will, including in the shady, compacted soil under an evergreen tree. Vinca minor will begin blooming in mid-spring and will continue until mid-Autumn.

Step 1

Purchase vinca minor seedlings at a nursery or garden supply center. Although most vinca minor will have lavender blooms, it's also available in shades of white, burgundy and purple. You can also purchase dwarf varieties that will be somewhat less invasive.

Step 2

Choose a place for the vinca minor. It's sturdy enough to grow anywhere, but keep in mind that it can be an invasive ground cover, so you may want to plant it a good distance away from other plants and give it plenty of room to spread.

Step 3

Plant the seedlings at least 18 inches apart. Water the vinca minor often until the plants are established, and then they'll be ready to survive on their own with very little help from you.

Things You'll Need

  • Vinca minor seedlings


  • Vinca Minor Alba
  • Vinca Minor Brightens Up Shady Spots
  • Oregon Trail Vinca Minor
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