How to Build a Tomato Cage


Growing tomatoes is a favorite activity for many gardeners. Several tomato plants will provide an abundance of tomatoes to eat fresh, cook or preserve for sauces and salsa. While tomatoes are easy to grow, they do need support since the tomatoes get heavy and will break the stalks of the plant if they are not supported. Making tomato cages is easy and provides better support than some that are purchased commercially.

Step 1

Roll the wire fencing out on the ground. It will be necessary to use a rock or cinder block to hold the fencing down, as it will try to roll back up.

Step 2

Measure a three-foot section of the fencing and cut through with the wire cutters. You can cut four-foot sections if you prefer a larger cage.

Step 3

Connect the two sides together by overlapping the ends and braiding the wooden stake or rebar in and out of the square holes.

Step 4

Repeat the previous steps for as many cages as needed.

Step 5

Place the cages over each tomato plant and stake into the ground with the wooden stake or rebar. Gently pull the tomato stalks and leaves through the squares in the fencing to support the stalks.

Things You'll Need

  • 60 x 60-inch heavy-gage metal fencing with 6-inch squares in rolls. One or more rolls will be needed.
  • 60-inch wooden stakes or metal rebar
  • Wire cutters (heavy duty pliers)
  • Tape measure


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