How to Grow Cucumbers

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There is not much that tastes better than eating a fresh-picked cucumber right out of your vegetable garden. Growing your own cucumbers is a satisfying experience. Watching it develop from a tiny seed into a thriving crop producing plant is an amazing thing. Save money growing your own cucumbers and know exactly what type of fertilizers are used during this process provides you a peace of mind and satisfaction too. Caring for a cucumber is easy once you understand how to grow one.

Step 1

Use a hoe to cultivate the soil 6- to 8-inches deep in a sunny area. Add organic compost and manure to the soil. Do this in late spring well after the last frost.

Step 2

Allow 1- to 2-feet of space in between each vine-type plant or 8 inches for bush-type ones. Make a small hole with a gloved finger. Plant seeds 1 inch deep in the soil.

Step 3

Add 4 inches of mulch around plants soon after cucumbers are planted or begin to appear. This conserves moisture, holds warmth and prevents weeds.

Step 4

Use your shovel to add Nitrogen fertilizer or organic compost around plants, or what is know as "side-dress," 30 days after germination.

Step 5

Watch for cucumber beetles or other pests once seedlings emerge. Physically remove or control pests.

Step 6

Keep soil moist at all times while growing. Provide at least 1 inch of water weekly to cucumber plants.

Step 7

Pick cucumbers by cutting them from the vines when they are 3- to 4-inches for pickling or between 6- to 8-inches for slicing. Check plants daily and pick as ripened.

Things You'll Need

  • Seeds
  • Gloves
  • Organic compost
  • Organic or well-rotted manure
  • Hoe
  • Shovel
  • Mulch
  • Trellis (fence or cages) optional
  • Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Garden shears


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