How to Harvest Broccoli

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Broccoli is a great addition to the home vegetable garden. With the right amount of water and care, most gardeners can grow delicious broccoli for their families. Typically, it takes anywhere between 50 and 100 days after planting for the broccoli to be ready for harvest.

Step 1

Decide when you want to harvest your broccoli. In general, if the broccoli was planted during the middle of the summer, it will not be ready to harvest until late fall, possibly after the first frost, which is OK. If the broccoli was planted in the spring or in early summer, it will be ready for harvest during the summer.

Step 2

Look at the broccoli heads. They are mature when the center head is approximately three-to-six inches in diameter. The plants should not have buds that are opening. If so, you waited too long. Harvest anyway, as the broccoli is still good, just not ideal. You will have to cut away the flowers.

Step 3

Cut the broccoli with sharp clippers so that the stalks attached to the heads are about six-to-eight inches long. Store in the harvested broccoli in the refrigerator if you are not planning to use it within the next couple of days.

Things You'll Need

  • Clippers


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