Kinds of Rose Plants

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Roses come in a variety of colors, types and sizes from ground cover roses that sprawl along your flower bed to tree roses that stand more than 5 feet tall. You can accentuate any part of your landscape with rose plants for a profusion of color from spring to fall.

Tree Roses

A tree rose is a kind of rose plant that has a trunk rising to a bush of flowering foliage. Tree roses are measured by the trunk size, exclusive of the rose bush at the top. You can find tree roses ranging from the mini tree rose with an average trunk height of 18 inches to giant weeping tree roses with trunks measuring 60 inches. Colors range from shades of yellow, orange, pink, lavender, red and white.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses generally bloom heavily in the spring and sporadically through the summer. Some types of climbing roses will bloom heavily again in the fall. The individual rose blooms on climbers can be larger and of better quality than those on standard rose bushes. Climbing roses are often used to cover a trellis, wall or arbor in a backyard or garden.

Miniature Roses

Perfect for container gardening, miniature roses grow from 1 to 3 feet tall. These hardy plants have petite blooms and dense foliage and continuously bloom all summer long. Consider planting miniature roses along a pathway or as part of a perennial garden. You can also plant miniature rose bushes in a container with tree roses for top-to-bottom color.

Shrub Roses

Most every kind of rose can be technically classified as a shrub rose, but this category can also refer to a particularly hardy, disease resistant, rounded type of shrub with fragrant roses that bloom all summer long. Shrub roses are bred to grow outside the typical rose garden and may be used as landscape hedges or as a lone planting in your yard. You can find both old shrub roses that grow around 6 feet tall and modern shrub roses that are more compact.

Species Roses

Species roses are the original kinds of roses as presented from nature. You can find species roses growing throughout the Northern Hemisphere in colors ranging from white to crimson and in types that range from climbers to ground cover. The flowers are often simple, with five petals followed by colorful hips lasting into the winter. Species roses most always bloom one time early in the summer.

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