Easy to Make Water Features

You can make easy water features for your home, patio or garden with planters, acrylic and decorative stones. You can find fountain pumps for these water features at a landscape supply store. Online retailers may have a better selection as well as better pricing.

Planter Fountain

You need a watertight planter, a fountain pump with a fountain head and decorative stones. If your planter is deep, you can make a brick stand to elevate the pump so that the fountain head will extend beyond the water level. Use waterproof adhesive to attach the brick to the planter. Run the electrical cord through the drainage opening or over the side of the planter, just make sure to seal the opening with silicone or to paint the cord to match the planter. Decorative stones will hide the bricks and the pump; select stones that coordinate with the exterior of the planter.

Rock Water Wall

A water wall requires a sheet of acrylic, river rock, waterproof adhesive and a planter. You'll also need a fountain pump and plastic tubing to run to the top of your acrylic sheet. This water feature can be as tall or as short as you like, just make sure that the planter is large enough to hold the water required to reach the top. Cover one side of the acrylic with river rock and let the adhesive dry before you assemble the water feature. Stand the acrylic sheet in the planter and prop it against a wall, a fence or your deck railing. Place the pump in the planter, running the electrical cord over the side or through the drainage hole. You can run the plastic tubing from the pump up the back side of the acrylic so that it sends the water over the face of the rock wall.

Copper Water Wall

The basics for a copper water wall are the same as the rock water wall, but you can cover the acrylic with copper sheeting rather than with river rocks. You can make this water wall faster as it is not as time consuming to glue a sheet. Copper ages beautifully with a green tinged patina; your water wall's appearance will change accordingly as time passes.

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