The Types of Purple Roses

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While purple roses are not as common as red or white roses, there are still numerous varieties from which to choose. From pale lavender to wine purple to rich purple, there is a shade to suit almost every garden. Most of them have enticing fragrances, such as citrus, spice or old-fashioned sweet scents

Lavender Roses

Citrus scented "Enchanted Evening" is a floribunda rose that has ruffled lavender flowers with darker centers. "Melody Parfumee" is a grandiflora rose with a sweet spicy fragrance. The flowers are deep plum to lavender. The medium lavender blooms of the floribunda rose, "Simply Marvelous" have an antique rose fragrance. "Sweetness" is a grandiflora rose that has lavender blooms with a sweet lemony fragrance.

Deep Purple Roses

The old-fashioned bourbon flowers of "Ebb Tide" are clove scented. It is a floribunda rose with small clusters of dusky deep purple blooms. "Indigo" is a Portland rose with fragrant deep purple double blooms. Some flowers have thin white stripes on the petals. The shrub rose "Midnight Blue" has large clusters of dark velvet purple blooms. The large double flowers have a spicy clove fragrance. "'The Prince" is an English shrub rose has blooms with an antique rose fragrance. The flowers open crimson and mature to rich royal purple.

Other Purple Roses

The shrub rose "Plum Frost" has plum colored blooms with silvery lavender underneath the petals. The flowers have a lemony fragrance. "Purple Tiger"' is a floribunda rose with purple flowers splashed with white. The blooms have an antique rose fragrance. "Veilchenblau" is a climbing rose with tiny flowers that smell of orange. The blooms open purple-violet and mature to lilac-blue. The ruffled double flowers of the floribunda rose "'Wild Blue Yonder" are wine and lavender.

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Photo by: Hortulus:Flickr, Eye Of Einstein:Flickr