How to Prune a Camellia

Camellias produce blooms in early spring. image by Cynthia Berridge/


Camellias are native to Japan and other parts of Asia. In early spring, camellias bloom beautiful flowers that are enjoyed for several weeks. Camellias are generally low maintenance shrubs that do not need pruning to survive; however, you can keep your camellias more healthy and fuller with more blooms if you prune them each year.

Step 1

Plan to prune your camellia only after it stops blooming. This usually occurs in May or June.

Step 2

Use sharp pruners. Dull pruners can not only damage your plant, they can be dangerous since you may apply too much force and in turn, hurt your hand, arm or back.

Step 3

Prune for the plant's health. Snip off small, weak, damaged and diseased limbs. Snip it at the place where it meets the larger branch. You can also snip off some of the inner branches, which will allow more air and light to reach deeper into your camellia.

Step 4

Prune to encourage more blooms and growth. Snip off the last inch or few inches of each branch after blooming. You decide how much. If you like your camellia's current size, snip off several inches. If you want your camellia to grow larger, only snip off an inch or less.

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