How to Plant Cherry Trees From a Seed


Growing cherry trees from seeds can be a simply project, but it will need to give some attention and care to the tree as it grows. The hardest part of growing cherry trees will be making sure birds and other pests don't steal your fruit. You can grow from the pit of a cherry or purchase cherry seeds from your local gardening store. After four to six years tree should fully grow up to 20 to 30 feet tall (See References). Before planting decide whether you want a variety of sweet or sour cherry types.

Step 1

Wash the pit of the cherry thoroughly in cool water, and then let it dry. Place the seed in a airtight container. Close the container and store overnight in a warm place, like the top of your refrigerator.

Step 2

Plant the seed at least 1 in. deep in a small houseplant pot that is full of soil. Cover the seed with the soil, and then pour a half cup of water over the seed. Place the plant in a place where there is sunlight, such as a window sill.

Step 3

Continue watering the seed with a half cup of water each day or when the soil is dry. In less the two weeks you should see the seedling begin to sprout. Once you see the seedling sprout you should transport it to your garden.

Step 4

Plant the seedling no more the 2 in. deep into your soil. Cover the root of the tree and water the soil immediately with a half cup of water. Continuing watering one to two times a day as the tree grows.

Step 5

Let your tree grow each year until it is fully grown. Place fertilizer around your tree during the winter, and apply dormant oil fruit tree spray in the spring. After four years, you should start to see the cherries blossom. You should pick them immediately when they are ripe.

Things You'll Need

  • Cherry seed
  • Airtight container
  • Pot
  • Fertilizer


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