Herb Gardens for Beginners

Herb Gardens for Beginners image by Herb garden (Stevenmattern/Wikimedia Commons)
Herb Gardens for Beginners image by Herb garden (Stevenmattern/Wikimedia Commons)


Nothing could be easier or more rewarding than starting a small herb garden just outside your back door, whether it be a home with a yard or the balcony of a high-rise apartment.

Basil (Petr Kratochvil /publicdomainpictures.net)

Low-Maintenance Herbs

Herbs like thyme, chives, parsley, marjoram, rosemary sage, basil and mints make good choices for the beginner's herb garden. These herbs aren't fussy when it comes to sunlight, fertile soil or water.

Assortment of pots (L joo/Wikimedia Commons)

Various-Sized Pots and Containers

If there isn't a plot of ground available, herbs planted in a group of pots and containers clustered together near the back door are a good start for beginning gardeners.

Annual and perennial herbs (KVDP/Wikimedia Commons)

Separate Annual and Perennial Herbs

To simplify garden care for specific herbs, plant annual herbs (those that need to be replanted every year) and perennial herbs (those that grow back on their own each year) separately.

Compost (usda.gov)

Soil Preparation

It's important to till the soil to a depth of about 16 inches using a spade or a fork so that newly planted herbs have lots of room to spread their roots.

Well-spaced herb garden (KVDP/Wikimedia Commons)

Plant Spacing

Spacing between herbs plants such as chives, parsley and dill should be at least a foot. Rosemary, sage, thyme and basil need 2 to 4 feet between each plant.


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Photo by: Herb garden (Stevenmattern/Wikimedia Commons)