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Plant a garden in your backyard for beauty, sustenance and to aid in your overall health and well being. Garden ideas for your backyard include a flower garden that you can enjoy year round, a vegetable garden to supplement your food budget and an herb garden with benefits for cooking, healing and visual interest.


Arrange a flower garden in your backyard so you'll have color year round with a combination of perennials and annuals. For springtime blooms, combine bleeding heart, tulips and columbine for a colorful combination of plants that enjoy part shade to full sun and are hardy in zones four to eight at least. Continue the color through the summer with any type of daylilies, peonies and purple coneflower, all of which will thrive in zones four through eight and also enjoy full to partial sun. A fall flower garden would not be complete without chrysanthemums. Companion plants would include aster and goldenrod with are also considered hardy in zones five through eight. For winter color, plant pansies and hellebores, which are hardy in zones four through eight.

Organic Vegetables

Growing vegetables in your backyard is a smart solution to ever-increasing food prices, as well as being the best way to ensure that your family receives quality organic nutrition. Planting an organic vegetable garden means that there are no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals of any kind used in the cultivation of your garden. Begin with healthy soil, adding organic supplements. Discourage pests and insects from enjoying the fruits of your labor. Alternatives to pesticides include placing bars of organic soap in the garden and planting vegetables that naturally repel insects, such as onions, garlic and marigolds. Hang mirrors or other reflective surfaces from posts in the garden to frighten away the birds. You can grow corn, zucchini, squash, carrots and anything else you enjoy.


Herbs have a variety of medicinal and therapeutic uses, in addition to flavoring sauces, meats and vegetables. Consider rosemary, thyme, basil, sage and lavender for beauty, culinary experiments, aromatherapy options and medicinal purposes. Herbs that naturally grow well together include basil, lemon balm, cilantro and oregano, which can be combined in the same container or plot. Other herbs that mesh well when planted side by side include thyme, germander and sage. Step out of the box and experiment with your herb garden to create visual and aromatic plantings. For a fragrant and beautiful herb garden, planting Thai basil with ornamental oregano and mint.

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