How to Prune Rose Plants

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Maintaining a rose plant is easy--it only requires proper food, water and trimming. Rose plants need annual pruning, but the correct timing and techniques must be used to ensure optimum flower production throughout the growing season.

Step 1

Hold your pruning shears with the blade down and the hook up. If the hook bruises the wood, it will be on the part of the plant that will be cut off.

Step 2

Cut off the old and woody canes and those that grow crosswise through the plant. Also cut off the weak stems.

Step 3

Prune the rose plants as close to the base as possible. When removing entire canes, make sure you do not leave stubs.

Step 4

Prune the tops of the vigorous canes to one-third of the plant's height. Make the cut above the buds that face outward on the plant.

Step 5

Make the cuts 1/4 inch above the buds and angle the cuts so water runs off the trimmed stem.

Tips and Warnings

  • Rose plants grow back quickly, so don't be worried if you pruned your plants too much. Just make sure to prune them before new growth begins to ensure your plants don't miss the flowering season.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden gloves
  • Pruning shears


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