How to Take Care of Venus Flytraps


Despite their exotic reputation, venus fly traps are no more difficult to take care of than other houseplants. Their needs are simple: good quality water, the right soil and enough sunlight. Don't let the fact that they eat insects discourage you from cultivating these carnivorous plants. They can survive just fine without the bugs.

Step 1

Provide as much direct sunlight as you can for as many hours as possible. If your home has a very sunny window, place your plant there. If you do not have a sunny window, keep your venus fly trap outside in direct sun for at least four hours every day.

Step 2

Provide the purest water you can. Unlike other houseplants, venus fly traps require pure water rather than tap--not even tap water that's been sitting out to allow the chemicals to dissipate. This is because sodium, magnesium and other water additives don't dissipate. They build up in your fly trap's soil until they reach toxic, root burning levels. Use only collected rainwater or purified water.

Step 3

Let the plant hunt on its own. There's no need to feed your fly trap insects unless it is to satisfy your own curiosity. Venus fly traps are natural hunters, but they're also able to thrive on nothing more than sunlight and water. Feed your plant no more than one insect per week and never feed it anything the plant wouldn't capture in nature.

Step 4

Keep your hands off the plant. Tricking your fly trap into snapping shut by poking it with your finger or other objects weakens its plant. It slows the plant's reflexes and dulls its sensory organs. An over stimulated plant is a distressed plant, and distressed plants are not healthy.

Step 5

Put your venus flytrap outside. If you have a patio or yard, placing your venus fly trap outdoors in the hot summer months will provide it with the natural, intense direct sunlight that it craves. Don't forget to bring it in in the evenings, especially if there's danger of frost.

Things You'll Need

  • Purified water or rain water
  • Insects (optional)


  • Care and Cultivation of Venus Flytrap Plants
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