How to Get Rid of Voles


Voles are a species of mole. They are about the size of mice and burrow underground. Voles are also commonly referred to as field mice and meadow mice. If a vole gets into your garden, it can damage to your soil and disrupt the overall growth of your plants. Voles are also destroyers of roots, and they will uproot and eat any vegetation in your garden. The best way to stop voles before they get to your garden is look for nearby areas where dirt has been dug up and where vole tunnels may be occurring.

Step 1

Maintain your yard so that it is not attractive for a vole to live. Remove any brush piles and loose branches. You'll want to remove any type of items in your lawn that could act as a cover for a hole for the vole's habitat. Don't use mulch, as it also attracts voles.

Step 2

Put a chicken wire fence around your garden. The holes in the chicken wire should be smaller than two inches. Make sure the fence is dug at least a foot into the ground to stop the voles from burrowing underneath the fence.

Step 3

Place a ring of hardwire cloth around your trees to prevent voles from staying in your yard and biting on the bark of your tree. Make sure the wire cloth is pressed into the ground as much as possible without damaging the tree's roots.

Step 4

Set vole traps near your garden. Make sure you place the traps at 90 degree angles to where the vole holes are. Use an oatmeal and peanut butter mixture as bait.

Things You'll Need

  • Chicken wire fence
  • Hardwire cloth
  • Vole traps


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